Here are some ExpressionEngine Add-Ons we've built to make our web design lives a little easier. Maybe they can help you too.

Simple S3 Uploader

Price: $29 per site - buy now at

The Simple S3 Uploader is a custom field that works like the popular nGen File Field extension except it stores the files (and optional thumbnail) on Amazon S3. Supports image resizing, thumbnails, all sorts of content types, maximum file sizes, and is safe for use in SAEFs.

EMS Authentication

Price: free

The EMS Authentication Plugin for ExpressionEngine lets users specified in a linux htpasswd file log into the EE control panel by masquerading as a single admin user.

String Plugin

Price: $9.95 per site - buy now at

The String Plugin for ExpressionEngine gives you the power to manipulate and print text to accomplish things that are inconvenient, very difficult, or nearly impossible to do with ExpressionEngine template tags and conditionals.