Featured Client: Buy Local Savannah

Buy Local Savannah has been a partner and client with eMarketSouth since before my time. There is a long history of these companies working together because local business is what Buy Local Savannah is all about.

The group was started by local business owners who wanted to spotlight local industry and support community activism. There was also the motivation to keep national franchise industry from taking the entire local market. Who knows you better than your neighbors? The association not only highlights local industry but also offers a professional forum for business owners to network and share experiences.

You can join Buy Local Savannah on their website and learn more about their events and speakers. You can also sign up for their newsletter and be kept informed that way as well. On the website, they feature buy local members and you can flip through the list of members by service/product category. If you have been in Savannah for a length of time, you will recognize many names and if you are new to Savannah, this is a great point of contact for getting involved. Remember, it pays to buy local!

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