Good Work = Swiss Chocolate

We take pride in achieving the expectations of our clients to the best of our ability. We like to believe that a business relationship is more than just signed contracts and billable hours.

Too often in this industry we forget that there are actual people behind every email, tweet, and website and that many of the old networking and business relationship ideas still have great, reputable value.

This morning, eMarketSouth was the recipient of a very thoughtful gift, sent to us all the way from Nidau, Switzerland by one of our foreign clients. After swooning over the embellished gift wrap and snapping a few photographs to record the moment, we all shared in a delicious piece of Switzerland and a swelling sense of pride in our work, our team, and our clients. YUM!

Two weeks ago, a new client of ours, Werner Gusset, told us to keep an eye out for a package he would be sending as a thanks for the ExpressionEngine consulting work we had done for him. Inquiring a bit more, we discovered we would soon be receiving a package of Swiss Chocolates from Schloss-Beck, made locally right there in his town. We'd been waiting (and drooling) ever since.


The package arrived today and the chocolates are gorgeous. They are hand-made and stamped with an edible seal of chocolate. Each tucked amongst gold-dressed paper, they almost look too good to eat (I said almost!). We were told to simply close our eyes and enjoy!

So, with an elated sense of accomplishment and a slight milk chocolate sugar rush we say a big thank you to our clients, friends, and associates. We wouldn't be here every day if it weren't for you, and the pride we feel when you tell us how much our work is appreciated and immeasurable.

Thank you, Werner. Thank you for gifting us with a thoughtful treat and a memorable Monday morning!

  • Ty and company

    Right! Good work and gently people are generating appreciation. Glad to read you all enjoyed the chocolat.

    Werner Gusset commented on
    Feb 2,2010 at 9:37AM
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    samuelddarden commented on
    Mar 27,2019 at 7:40PM

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