Protect Your Kids

When you have kids, it seems this time of year you go into over gear in keeping them safe. You carry around gallons of hand sanitizer in hopes of keeping them well.

You scan the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to be aware of the latest shipment of toxic toys. And, you try your hardest (with a healthy dose of futility) to keep your kids from eating a dozen Christmas cookies before dinner. eMarketSouth wants to remind you that with all the holiday hubbub, it’s important to also keep them safe online. So, grab yourself a cup of eggnog and peruse our tips on protecting your kids in cyberspace.

The Internet can be a wonderful place; heck, it’s what our business is all about. But there are dangers especially for young people. But with a little common sense and savvy, these dangers can be avoided. Following are some tips from

  1. Teach your kids to never give out personal information over the Internet.
  2. Disallow chat rooms.
  3. Limit Instant Messaging to approved buddy list. Check buddy list often.
  4. Place computer in central location in the house where it can easily be monitored.
  5. Know your kids activities and online friends.
  6. Use filters and monitoring technology like Netnanny.
  7. Monitor the amount of time your child spends online.
  8. Do not permit your child to have an online profile.
  9. Report any content or activity that you suspect as illegal or criminal to local law enforcement and to Cybertipline at 1-800-843-5678.

  • This is a good blog,it teach me many things.Thank for your share! tow

    Joshua A. Price commented on
    May 9,2019 at 4:26AM
  • Thanks for the article and recommendations. Netnanny is good, but it’s expensive. I’ve migrated which is free and it does it’s job just as good smile Cheers.

    Dermatologist commented on
    Jul 31,2019 at 7:48AM

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