“The Best” Website Developer in Savannah

Savannah Magazine’s “The Best” awards have become the premier award presented to businesses in the Savannah Area. Celebrating their 10th year in 2010, awards are presented to businesses and individuals in six categories and are voted on by the readers of Savannah Magazine.

eMarketSouth is proud to accept the award for best website developer. It is an honor to receive an award that is voted on by the community and speaks a great deal to the exemplary service that our staff provides. Thank you to everyone who voted!

It’s been a busy year for the crew at eMarketSouth. We acquired Office Logic’s (formerly COMDOC) website and email clients, we completed the Eldercare Channel, and we revamped our in-house project KeytoSavannah.com. We completely rebuilt and expanded Brown’s Guide, a site that we have partnered with publisher Fred Brown on. We donated a fantastic website to the Savannah chapter of the Boy Scouts, and we were involved in the World War II Monument. We completed all this in addition to creating many great websites for many great clients.

2010 has been a great year so far at eMarketSouth and we look forward to many great years to come! We greatly appreciate all who voted for us in The Best awards and we hope to earn your vote again next year.

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