When to Think about Rebranding

There are a lot of different reasons to rebrand a company, but really researching out whether you REALLY should or not might take some work.

It may not be that you need to rebrand at all, it may just mean you need to restructure your company a little differently.  For example, the guy down the street might have a similar logo to yours, but gets more business.  You think you need to rebrand because he’s getting more sales. When really he may just do business different or better than you do.

Most Importantly: Make Your Team and Your Clients Happy

Find out if your team is really happy or not.  Find out what they know, and what they don’t because as we all know – knowledge is power.  The more they know about how to perform in your company, the better they will do at their job.

Do a survey with your clients.  What they think your company could improve on, what they think you’re doing well, and what they absolutely can’t stand.  This will help A LOT in knowing what to fix in your company, making your clients happier and your bank account bigger.

Reposition Yourself

Even though the trends right now tend to go more vintage, it doesn’t necessarily mean your business has to look vintage.  Do some brainstorming.  Write down what you think about your brand – better yet have someone else tell you (you’ve been married to that thing forever).  Is it old looking?  Does it give the message you want it to (maybe it once did, but now you’ve changed)?  What do you want it to say?  Do people associate your brand with something else?  Figure out how to tell people that you are different, without actually saying it.

You're Sales Team is Embarassed

This is an easy one.  If your sales team (or really anyone) is hesitant on sending potential business to the website, or giving them a business card because of the way it looks.  It’s like turning something into your teacher, knowing you did a terrible job on it.  THIS would be a GREAT reason to rebrand.


There are multiple reasons you may want to think about rebranding, and this is only a few of them.  So make sure to do your research first.  Like we said it might be that you just need to reteach your team, to regain the trust of your clients.  Or it could be people just don’t perceive you the way they used to since there’s new fish in the pool.  And it could be, although we all hope it’s not the reason, your team is embarrassed of the company they work for.   


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