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Web Design Testimonials, Savannah GA

  • " I am a web designer who uses ExpressionEngine. I turn to eMarketSouth whenever I need help with complex ExpressionEngine coding. They are extremely knowledgeable: the jobs are completed quickly and with excellent communication. I highly recommend them. "

    Florian Auckenthaler EE Consulting

  • " Can I just say thanks for your work on this, very professional and prompt service. If I need anything EE related I know where to go. "

    John Moylan EE Consulting

ExpressionEngine Consulting Services

Building a site in ExpressionEngine and run into a snag? Have an existing EE site and don't know how to make modifications? Just starting out and need some guidance? We can help! Hire us as your ExpressionEngine consultants! We are available to provide as much or as little assistance as you need on a wide range of issues relating to ExpressionEngine development.

Whether you need custom modules, plugins, or extensions developed or need a hand enhancing a site using javascript, jQuery, and AJAX, eMarketSouth has the experience necessary to get the results you're looking for. Custom queries giving you trouble? We have the expertise to help you efficiently display the information you need where you need it.

Our dedicated team is well-versed in the use of ExpressionEngine and is available to work with you. From optimizing templates to integrating third party products, we have you covered.

A few of the ExpressionEngine customizations and consultations we have done in the past:

  • We built a plugin to integrate Sphinx search results into ExpressionEngine templates (and wrote the custom queries that allow Sphinx to index ExpressionEngine entries).
  • We have helped other developers wrangle their standalone entry and edit forms to align EE functionality with their business rules (for example, turning an entry form into an edit form if the user already has an entry in that category).
  • We created an extension to process PayPal IPNs coming through the simple commerce module and change statuses of entries, effectively allowing the website management to take payments for EE entries (used for contests with an entry fee, classified ads, and plenty more).
  • A developer needed to maintain a history of all entry revisions... the plan was to create new entries but have them related through a common document ID stored in a custom field. We wrote an extension that automatically closed the previous entries with the same document ID so that only the most recent one would have open status. We also wrote a plugin that generated and retrieved a unique ID to assign to new documents in such a way that prevents simultaneous users from acquiring the same ID for different documents.
  • Created an entry locking/unlocking mechanism that prevents multiple people from simultaneously editing the same entry via a standalone edit form. The lock is cleared if the user leaves the page, closes the browser, or sits idle for too long.
  • Used jQuery, AJAX form submits, EE templates, custom PHP, and SQL queries to implement a dynamic category filter with complex logic. Three different category groups could have any number of categories selected in each, the task was to find entries matching at least one selected category in each group.
  • Took over development of an EE site after the client had been abandoned by the previous developer and got their site cleaned up, functional, and released to the world.

We'd love to consult with you about whatever trouble you're having with ExpressionEngine. Head on over to our contact form, describe the problem, and let us know how best to reach you. We'll put our heads together and come up with the best way to get you back on your feet without breaking the bank.